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Students are in a unique
financial spot in this crisis.
Our BoroU blog is regularly being updated with different tips and tricks to get you through the rest of the semester.
4 Financial Tips for if Your School Closes Unexpectedly
When unexpected events happen like your school closing and changing your courses to online only, there can also be a lot of unexpected costs. Make sure you are financially prepared.
5 Tips for College Students Taking Online Classes
Online courses can offer college students many benefits: convenience, flexibility, and overall opportunity. Here are some tips to manage online coursework.
Top Quarantine To-Do’s for College Students
What can students do to adjust to the realities of this crisis, now that norms of school, work, and interactions with family and friends have turned upside down?
How COVID-19 is Affecting College Students
It’s hard to know how much this is going to affect college students in the long run. We’re keeping tabs on the situation and doing our best to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.
We’ve closed our office and allowed all employees to work from home.

We’ve translated our company culture as much as possible–we are holding video calls every day to make sure we’re all caught up, we play online games during lunch and after hours, and share as many pet photos as we can.

We’re constantly getting feedback from our customers and campus ambassadors to stay current with how college students are experiencing this crisis.

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