Boro 2018 Fall Scholarship Recipients

Aishwarya B.

Major: Neuroscience
Yale University

Born and raised in Mumbai, and currently an undergraduate student-athlete at Yale University. I am very interested in the intersection of healthcare and Gender studies and intend to pursue an MD/MPH to practice in the field of Women’s health and ultimately to work in Global health, maybe in the policy or research sector, to improve our understanding of trans and intersex bodies and advocate for the same.
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Ankit S.

Major: Computer Science
Southeastern Louisiana University

Ankit is currently a Computer Science major at Southeastern Louisiana University. He has a brilliant track record of participating and winning in various Science fairs and exhibitions at the school, college and National level. In July of 2017, he completed his research on “User-Friendly Home for Paralyzed Patients” using Brain-Computer Interface, at National Research Laboratory: Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.
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Nikita S.

Major: Classical Piano
Manhattan School of Music 

Born in Prague, the Czech Republic in 1995, to Russian immigrant, Nikita Stepanenko is currently a classical piano junior year undergraduate student in the Manhattan School of Music. He is in the studio of Mr. Alexandre Moutouzkine, a renowned Russian piano virtuoso and a winner of countless piano competitions.
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Shrey M.

Major: Biomedical Engineering 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

During the past 4 years, Shrey has ventured into 3 different research labs focusing on making the early-detection platform for breast cancer cells, optimizing fabrication of bio-imaging agents called quantum dots for single-molecule imaging, and conjugating hafnium nanoparticles for anti-cancer drug delivery. He’s also had the opportunity to create his own start-up called Eevaa focused on improving female student security on college campuses.
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Sixuan P.

Major: Bioengineering
Rice University

I came to Rice University to major in Bioengineering. I have gained more than two years of research experience in tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting, both at Rice and at RWTH Aachen University in Germany during summer 2018. Besides research, I was involved in multiple engineering design projects for clients including a Katy, TX-based dermatologist and Johnson & Johnson. “I am also an active leader in the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership Student Leadership Committee and the Rice Engineering Without Borders Team.
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We Are Looking for

Applicants who have excellent achievement and great potential in academic, extracurricular activities or social fields.

  • Applicants who excel in their study with demonstrated academic performance.
  • Please provide your most recent transcript. Supporting documents like recommendation letters from your professors or supervisors are recommended but not required.
Adventurous/ Creative
  • Enthusiastic travelers who have seen and witnessed the true beauty of the world.
  • Talented artists and designers who have an amazing, stunning portfolio.
  • Adventurers who have an amazing story to tell.
    It all depends on your experience and endeavors.
Social Impact/ Leadership/ Entrepreneurship
  • Candidates who have entrepreneurship spirit, a significant social impact, or the ability to influence others in a positive way.
  • Candidates who have shown leadership in extracurricular activities or won recognition within the international student organization and communities.

All undergraduate and master program students are welcome to apply.

More Details About our Scholarship

We will grant $2,000 to each successful applicant.

The application deadline for Spring 2018 is April 20th, and we have announced five recipients on May 1st.

The application deadline for Fall 2018 is November 20th, and we have announced five recipients on December 3rd.

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Application Process

Submit application online via Google Form.
Announce Recipients.
Recipients Offer Feedbacks and Testimonials uploaded to the website

Basic Criteria

To qualify, you must be:

  •  International students on F1 Visa with valid I20
  •  Undergrad, master students all welcomed to apply
  •  Minimum GPA 2.70 out of 4.00 or equivalent

What you need for your scholarship application:

  •  Online application form
  •  I20 & Transcript
  •  Supporting documents if necessary

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Boro 2018 Spring Scholarship Recipients

Marta M.

MPA Harvard Kennedy School of Government
MBA Stanford Graduate School of Business

The innovative serial social entrepreneur that wants to leverage technology and behavior science to empower women around the world to take care of their health and well-being.
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Agustin P.

Major: Physics
University of California Berkeley

Well-rounded student physicist with experience at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Berkeley-Lawrence National Laboratory has a goal to contribute towards the treatment of cancer.
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Peter K.

Major: Music Therapy
Berklee College of Music

Passionate music therapist that thrives to be a Music Therapist and researcher to discover innovative medical approaches and deliver enhanced quality of life to those in need.
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David K.

Major: Psychology
West Virginia University

Dedicated student athlete and future sports psychologist who is working his way towards the Olympic Games.
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Kale O.

Major: Biology
Virginia State University

Aspiring future MD that wants to improve a medical system in her home country Nigeria.
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