Marta M.

MPA Harvard Kennedy School of Government
MBA Stanford Graduate School of Business



Marta is an MBA-MPA Candidate at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has over eight years of experience in technology and social enterprise innovations in service delivery. As a former Social Enterprise Specialist at the World Bank Innovation Labs, she was instrumental in designing innovations in ~$330M investments in education, healthcare, and financial inclusion across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Marta founded several social ventures leveraging technology and behavioral economics for social good, including, a digital guide empowering women to take control over their sexual and intimate health, an award-winning Dignify, a mobile platform linking refugees to digital micro-work ($1m Hult Prize Global Finalist). Her portfolio includes: a machine-learning risk prediction tool for HIV and TB patients in South Africa and Lesotho and a Fin-Tech mobile app leveraging behavior insights to help young UK citizens save money (with BI Ventures). Marta also pioneered the first Harvard Social Innovation Studio.


What is your future goal?

I want to leverage technology and behavior science to empower women around the world to take care of their health and well-being.


What does this scholarship mean to you?

The Boro International Scholarship comes at a very difficult time for me and is a key enabler in helping me access top-notch education at Harvard and Stanford and translate main concepts to help millions of women globally. I am very grateful! Thank you!


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