Ankit Shah


Major: Computer Science
Southeastern Louisiana University



Ankit is currently a Computer Science major at Southeastern Louisiana University. He has a brilliant track record of participating and winning in various Science fairs and exhibitions at school, college and National level. In July of 2017, he completed his research works on “User Friendly Home for Paralyzed Patients” using Brain Computer Interface, at National research laboratory: Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. As a former President of Science Club of Budhanilkantha School, he has also organized “Science Fiesta 2014” and various scientific workshops in his high school. He is also mentoring students in Math-Science Upward Bound program of Louisiana to enrich their scientific skills. Currently, He is developing technologies for patients with special needs on a case by case diagnosis method and planning to launch a program called “Sakchyam” to implement it in medical and disability service organizations of Nepal as part of his philanthropic work.


What is your future goal?

I want to turn my academic and creative skills into action. So, I want to contribute to medical science community with my scientific skills.


What does this scholarship mean to you?

I am very thankful to Boro for laying a path without financial burden in front of me to pursue my dreams. Now without deviating my path, I can continue my journey to fund my projects and education. I had been thinking about launching “Sakchyam” program but due to limited funding I had a lot of obstacles, but now I can also allocate some fund towards its implementation which will help many special need people to be once again interactive.


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