International Student Scholarship Kale

Kale O.

Major: Biology
Virginia State University



My name is Adebamikale. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I completed my secondary education at Lagoon Secondary School and pursued further education at Virginia State University where I declared a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. During my time at VSU, I had the honor to become a Provost Scholar. I also worked as an Administrative Office Assistant at Virginia State University’s Office for International Education for two years, followed by doing research at Virginia State University’s Agricultural Station. I am also a member of Honor Societies such as Golden Key International Honour Society and Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society.


What is your future goal?

Ultimately, I aim to obtain an MD/PhD degree that I can use to improve the medical care system in my home country, Nigeria.


What does this scholarship mean to you?

As an International Student, financial-aid options are very limited. Hence, the Boro scholarship carries significant meaning, and will be of great help to me during the 2018-2019 academic year. I will be one step closer to achieving my long lived dream of becoming an MD with a Phd in Biochemistry.


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