“As someone who has had to teach myself about personal finance, managing my finances has been a wild ride. Boro has proven to be incredibly valuable thorughout this journey, providing me with the tools, resources, and loans I needed to become the personal finance guru I’ve always wanted to be.”
-Michael, Penn State University
“Managing my finances was a COMPLETE struggle. It was so different from high school because instead of paying for what I wanted, I needed to prioritize what I needed. My first year of college, I ended the school year almost $200 in debt (that’s how I found Boro!) This year, I’m ending the school year with $900 in my account, so it’s all about organization and management.”
-Ameera, University of Illinois, Chicago
“The most helpful features in these apps [finance apps] is probably the clarity and availability of the information. Having access to this information at all times through my phone helps keep me consistently on top of my finances and credit.”
-Antonio, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Money management

Money + College?
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MyBoro not only helps you figure out where all of your money is going but also gets you setting goals for yourself, building strong credit history and financially killing it by the time you graduate.
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Personalized money

You've got part-time jobs, huge tuition payments and club fees. MyBoro is different from other money managers; it was created with input from college students every step of the way.

Get access to automatic expense tracking, customized spending tips, and monthly spending goals you set.

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Wonder how you're doing financially compared to the rest of your school? Make sure you're on the right track with our StackUp spending comparisons.

Anonymously compare your financial habits to other students by your school, your state and the rest of the country.

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Credit Analysis that
makes sense

College is the best time to start building credit - MyBoro will give you a full, easy-to-understand credit analysis with personalized tips you can actually use.

You'll get regular updates on your credit score, info on the factors that make up your score and learn how to improve it.

Smart financing options just for students, all on the same app.

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Cross “Freak Out About Money” off your to-do list. With a few taps, you can get up to $2,000 cash in your bank account in as little as two days. Sign up on the app now to see how much you qualify for and choose your monthly payment terms.

Student car loans

Download Boro and have up to $2,000 at your fingertips. BoroDrive is the auto loan program exclusively created for students. It allows students with no credit history or co-signers to finance or refinance auto loans for both new and used vehicles. BoroDrive begins at $5,000 with terms from 12 to 60 months.
Sept 12, 2019
Are You Financially LITerate?

How financially LITerate are you? Most college students can’t pass this quiz. Ready for the challenge?

Our mission is to help college students build a successful financial future.

* State restrictions may apply.

To qualify for the lowest rates, you must have a responsible financial history and meet other conditions. See APR examples.

To check the rates and terms you qualify for, a soft credit inquiry that will not affect your credit score will be conducted.