What is Boro?

Boro is the first online financing platform dedicated to college students, recent graduates, and expats in the United States. We provide affordable auto loans with flexible terms, and do not require a Social Security Number (SSN) or credit history for approval.

Why you should use it?

Close more deals.

We look at more than just an applicant’s credit score to determine if they can pay back their loan. This means we can work with customers without a significant amount of credit history, a Social Security Number, or a co-signer.

We pay YOU.

Every time one of your customers finances with Boro, we pay you a commission.

Find new customers.

When you sign-up with Boro, you get added to our list of preferred dealers. So when a customer comes to us first, we send them to you.

How It Works?

Sign-up for the dealer portal

01 Sign-up for the dealer portal

Tell us about yourself and we will get in touch.
Make a referral

02 Make a referral

Start an application for your customer through the dealer portal and we will handle the rest.
Sit back and relax

03 Sit back and relax

We will process the application and let the customer know if they are approved in 1 business day.

Have Question?

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